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“Girl Meets Change” Notes

  • reading“Complaint doesn’t see the goodness of the character of God. Lament is authentic about the feelings but knows the goodness and benevolence of God.” -Ann Voskamp p. 47
  • “I must be continually ready to give up the parts of my life that God wants to replace with trust in Him, even if what I need to give up are my own expectations and continual need to be in the driver’s seat of my life.” p. 49
  • “When we are confronted with difficult change, time doesn’t heal all wounds – time with the Healer does. Time with him spent giving up but I think I want for what God knows I need.” p. 72
  • “War against stagnation. We are called to be pilgrims, not campers.” Dominic Done p. 89
  • “We can thrive through change because of the limitations themselves, not just in spite of them.” Limitations unfold His intention to travel a narrower path of possibilities.” (2 Cor. 12:9-10) p. 95
  • “Gratitude is the way we hope, especially during seasons of difficult change.” p. 110
  • How to build community: Open Up your home, show up at places where people are like church and other activities, and lift up every single friendship concern to the Father. p. 168-169
  • Change your definitions: thrive is to grow and develop well. (p. 176) and adapt is to make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose. (p.177) Asking the right questions through change is important: What is God’s purpose for us in this? How is trying to grow, adapt or teach me? (p. 174)
  • “Change brings our expectations to light while simultaneously wiping them away.” p. 172
  • “When we realize our highest purpose through change is to glorify God, he gives us the brave encouragement we need to make it through.” p. 186
  • “We have the same purpose through change that we have in seasons of calm familiarity: to praise the One who generously loves us first and does everything for us out of that place of love.” pg. 187

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