Living Simply

Living Simply

simple livingBack in 2010, I wrote a post on my old blog all about this new quote I had found that I wanted to make more of a motto for the stuff we keep in our home.

“Do not keep anything in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

I still use this quote as a measuring stick for what we’ll keep and what we won’t. Now that we’ve moved 6 times since that post, it’s more true in some ways and not in others. When I first started simplifying my life, I was pretty rigid about it. We either used it or it left. We’ve also added a child into the mix, and that made things a little more complicated because we tried to save things for the possibility of baby #2 coming along at some point.

I love exactly what Sarah Bessey said here are The Art of Simple blog:

Over the years, I’ve embraced a simpler way of life. We have done our share of purging, particularly a few years ago when we lived in a small urban space. I love a tidy and clean home, clutter drives me bonkers (with four tinies, this is a losing battle). I devoured The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up along with the rest of the world and I liked it (well, I didn’t quite get into thanking my t-shirts every time I hung them up, but you know what I mean).

As a Christian, I’ve been led to pursue a simpler life because I believe that consumerism is stealing our money, our time, our resources, and even our identities. I practice simple living, and I do my level best to be intentional and thoughtful about justice issues, even in everyday purchases like clothing and food and furniture. I believe in living within our means and in being unreasonably generous. I believe there is room in our homes – and in our lives – for more than just the useful or functional; there is room for the lovely, the memory-filled, the beautiful, the sacred, the just-because-I-love-it-still stuff.

Simple and minimal living looks different for everyone, and can even change for a person as seasons and life change. We never had baby #2 and have moved six times and will definitely be moving at least one more time. Our priorities and activities have changed a lot and so our life fits that, and I’m always going back through things and evaluating something’s function or beauty in my home. I’m also more careful about what actually makes the “cut” to come into our home because at best, it will be awesome, but usually I end up trying to find some way to dispose or sell it.


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