Book Notes


In 2017, my goal is to read 36 books, 3 each month, 1 from each category of non-fiction, fiction and children’s literature. As we make it a point to have more read-aloud time in our home, I wanted to get a “head start” on some children’s books before we read them to our son. I didn’t read a lot growing up, but my husband did and I read more now. We want to make it a priority for our son. Even though we can’t make him love reading, we can introduce him to good books and make our environment more bent toward reading over choosing a screen.

Children’s Literature I’ve Read in 2017

(1) Little House in the Big Woods (Little House #1)

(2) A Bear Called Paddington

(3) The Mouse and the Motorcycle

(4) James and the Giant Peach

Non-Fiction I’ve Read in 2017

(1) Teaching from Rest – I highly recommend this book to all moms, even if you aren’t a homeschooler, because there is some good truth in here. You can find my notes here.

(2) Girl Meets Change  – This was a good read, especially if you struggle with transitions or deal with lots of change in your life. You can find my notes here.

(3) Big Magic – This book was on my “to read” list for a while, and I’m glad I read it. However, there was nothing life-changing in it for me because I am doing well in life right now making time to feed my creative side through this website and other craft hobbies.

(4) Hillbilly Elegy – My husband read and loved this book so I picked it up when I had a lull in waiting for library holds to come in. There is some language and hard stuff in it, but it’s super interesting and informative.

(5) Restless – This book was totally up my alley in that it had some journaling prompts throughout to help you come to a place where you’re not so restless in what you’re supposed to be doing with your life (if you find you’re in that spot).

(6) Wild and Free– I really liked this book- you can read the notes I took here. It made me really think about the places I’m putting God in a box of my expectations, and living life inside some expectations that were never put on me, or that were not put on me by God.

Fiction I’ve Read in 2017

(1) North by Northanger

(2) My Name is Lucy Barton


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