Homeschool Planning Edit

3 weeks ago, we officially started a Kindergarten curriculum, knowing that we would be editing some things up and some things down based on my son’s skill level. Like every other kid on the planet, he has strengths in some areas (letter identification, number identification into the hundreds and being able to count to 100) and some weaknesses that we need to work on (fine motor skills, letter sounds).

The first two weeks were an intro unit based on the creation story and it was a good start for us. There wasn’t anything too challenging in it that made my son not look forward to “school” enough that it was a fight, it helped us establish a new rhythm in our day of getting work done before we could look at screens, and gave him confidence in his ability to do this whole “school” thing.

This past week was our first letter unit. The My Father’s World Kindergarten Curriculum used to study each unit for 6 school days. Now, they have shortened it to 5 with the newest edition of the teacher manual and student sheets. Since I have an old manual, I was going to just stick with the 6-day units so as not to change too much right at the beginning. But based upon my son’s weaknesses mentioned above, and just wanting to add in some more “fun” activities based on what we’re learning about, I’ve decided to stretch the units out 4 days and make each unit 2 school weeks long.

This past weekend, I went through and organizing his portfolio, keeping it together by units in a 3 ringed binder with dividers. We don’t have to do any kind of record keeping our great state of Texas as far as homeschooling goes, but I would like to have a record of what we did, how it went, and examples of his work for a couple of reasons. One is for encouragement for me. On those days when I feel like I’m not making a difference and that maybe we shouldn’t be doing this because I’m a terrible teacher, I can look back and remind myself of what we have done. The second encouragement is for both me and my son on days either of us is discouraged at slow progress or feeling like we’re not getting anywhere. We can look back and see what he has learned and it can inspire us to keep going.

I found this year-at-a-glance calendar and printed it out at the end of March and made a rough plan that I knew would change for our Kindergarten year. Now that trips have been planned and I’ve decided we needed some extra time on the units, I printed it off again, and edited our timeline.


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